We absolutely adore our Golden Irish, Kingsley.

We absolutely adore our Golden Irish, Kingsley. I did research on the breed a year ago or so and decided it sounded like a good match for our family of five. When our golden passed we made contact with Elmwood, a little unsure if we were even ready for another dog. But I am so glad we did because from top to tail the experience with them is the best we have had with a breeder. Our puppy came to us healthy, vaccinated, microchipped, and honestly we had no problem potty training from night one. We are so impressed with how intelligent our puppy is and constantly amazed how fast he continues to learn.
Golden Irish dogs are so special. We have an Irish Setter (and had a golden retriever) and see the absolute best in both breeds as you might expect. He is energetic as he is gentle and the most cuddly comedian we’ve ever owned. The neighborhood kids all ask to play with Kingsley even though he now towers above them in height. Not sure I’d be allowed to say this in front of my kids but he might be my favorite dog. And if you’re looking for good follow-through in a breeder, I can’t recommend Elmwood Golden Irish enough.