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Elmwood Golden Irish

At Elmwood Golden Irish we strive to provide Golden Irish puppies that are high quality, family friendly dogs. Golden Irish dogs (also referred to as Irish Golden or Irish Retriever) are attractive in appearance and remain very sociable throughout their life. Check our about page to learn more about this exceptional crossbreed.​


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Ace is our outgoing purebred Irish Setter male. He knows no stranger and enjoys making friends with his goofy grin.  His appearance is very attractive.  We love his dark red color and the feathering down his legs and tail.  He brings a great set of attributes to the Golden Irish cross breed.
Our females Molly, Dixie and Daisy are our cheerful purebred Golden Retrievers. They are all very similar in color and appearance with a dark gold color and thick beautiful hair coat. We love their calmness and laid-back personalities, however they always find energy enough for a game of fetch.