Why Golden Irish?

  • Less shedding than Golden Retrievers
  • Family-friendly disposition
  • Beautiful coat and colors

About Us

Golden Retrievers are known for their obedience, trainability, and sociability. However, their thick coat produces seasonal shedding and they are susceptible to some genetic diseases. Crossing Golden Retrievers with Irish Setters produces a Golden Irish puppy with a hair coat that is less dense (less shedding), darker in color, and has beautiful feathering down the chest and legs. Golden Irish puppies are also healthier since they are less susceptible to genetic diseases. These dogs impress us in every way as they are active & athletic, physically stunning, people-focused, and kid friendly.

We pay close attention to the health of both our puppies and parents so that you can go home with a dog that is healthy, friendly, trainable, and long-lived. Our puppies are raised in Northwest Iowa and each puppy is brought up with early socialization and plenty of attention from the beginning. We are extremely impressed with these Golden Irish puppies and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do.